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Mom finds lost photos

Almost a decade after they were stolen, this mom found her child’s baby photos on Facebook! A stranger found the lost roll of film, developed …
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How to find missing people

On any given day in the United States, nearly 90,000 people are classified as “missing persons.” From the elderly with Alzheimer’s who wander off, to …
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Finding unclaimed money

Could there be a big check out there with your name on it? You could have money coming your way from forgotten bank accounts, savings …
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Mute autistic girl finds a voice

What would you do if your child couldn’t communicate? For 11 years, this family’s autistic daughter was considered developmentally disabled. She couldn’t speak, and experts …

Find out what Google knows about you

Google keeps tabs on you ⁠— online and offline ⁠— and you may be surprised at how much data there really is on your preferences, browsing history, searches, …